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Our most popular parts in one convenient 9 pc package.  Protects your boots front and rear and your engine/transmission.

Fits: Rhino 700-08-2013 only
Materials: FBSP & SPHH – 3/16″ aluminum
Stik-Gards- 1/8″ aluminum
Coolant Bottle Guard- 3/16″ aluminum
Winch Mounting Plate- 1/4″ aluminum

Includes: Stik-Gards Front (L&R) & Stik-Gards Rear (L&R), Full Belly Skid Plate
(FBSP-2pc front & rear), Skid Plate Hook Holster (SPHH) w/Winch Mounting
Plate, Coolant Bottle Guard, plus hardware and installation instructions


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Weight 30 lbs


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