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Our most popular parts in one 8 pc package.

Simple and basic design, mud holding side bends are kept to a minimum to facilitate easier cleanout.  Aluminum is still, by far, the strongest & most DURABLE option for your skids. Aluminum has great bolt holding capabilities, rigidity & durability

Fits: Rancher 420 IRS 2009-2014. Will work with a winch already mounted on your ATV.

Materials: FBSP & SPHH – 3/16 aluminum
Stik-Gards- 1/8 aluminum
Includes: Stik-Gards Front(L&R)& Rear(L&R),Full Belly Skid Plate(FBSP-3pc) & Skid Plate Hook Holster(SPHH),plus hardware and installation instructions

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Weight 29 lbs


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