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About Us

Aluminum Products Inc. was established in 1978, years after its humble beginning as KAR Fabricators, an early 70’s one man shop.

Aluminum Products Inc. began by building high end aluminum offshore and bay fishing boats called Little Yacht. After years of producing high end boats , Aluminum Products could make almost anything from aluminum, and was ready and positioned to combine those skills with CNC machinery.

The addition of this new technology allowed the company to be involved in many projects both large and small for General Contractors, Engineering & Architecture Firms, and the Oil & Gas industry. The company is also proud to have been chosen to build equipment for the 2013 Gulf of Mexico well blowout containment project.

This new machinery could also be used to make other products, such as ATV aftermarket skids, which would grow to become half of all company sales. Today ATV and UTV protective armor is proudly made here in South Louisiana and shipped to every state in the USA and several countries. 

Simplicity, loyal employees and an undeterred quest for perfection is what has kept the name synonymous with great products.  Quality remains the number one priority and that virtue will never go out of style. 

The facility is located on 3 acres w/ 2000 sq ft of warehouse, 6000 sq ft of air conditioned working comfort  and 1600 sq ft of office. Aluminum Products should be your number one aluminum fabrication and ATV/UTV accessory supplier.